Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Goin' to the chapel and we're hungry!"

by Crista

photo credit Blue Castle Photography

With spring in full swing and summer snapping at her heals, wedding season is most certainly upon us! Today I want to offer to our readers an idea for sharing hospitality with a giddy bride and groom. My mom did this for Dave and I at our wedding and I, in turn, did this for a friend who was recently married.

As many of us know from experience, it is exceptionally hard for a bride and groom to get an adequate bite to eat at their own wedding reception. In addition to this, it is often the case that the happy couple doesn't really get to enjoy the food they've so carefully selected for their guests, because they're busy welcoming and thanking those who came to celebrate their big day. It can happen that a bride and groom will escape in their getaway car, after an evening of frivolity and cheer, only to realize that they're famished, exhausted, and seriously deficient in snacks. What option do they have? Fast food? Hotel mini bar? I don't think so! How about an alternative...a wedding picnic basket!

You can do this two ways: purchase a picnic basket and/or a picnic utensil set as a wedding gift for the happy pair OR loan them a basket of your own. Talk to the caterer before the wedding, if possible, and ask that a few servings of the food items be set aside before the reception* for the bride and groom. Pack the couple a getaway basket with foods and desert from the reception, including a good-sized piece of wedding cake, if possible, and (of course) plastic utensils, napkins, and paper plates. Arrange for the basket to be put in the getaway car so that the new Mr. & Mrs. will have a snack as they go on their way. Are these newlyweds of an outdoorsy persuasion? Their picnic basket could be a cooler and camping utensils! This is a delightful surprise for the Exhausted-but-Happy Two and a huge help, too!

With wedding season upon us, I encourage you to extend hospitality to another new Man & Wife! Anyone have ideas for modifying or extending this idea? Please share in the comments! Have you received a wedding picnic basket? Please tell us your reaction to this little gift! I know Dave and I appreciated it!

*Note: It's nice for the bride and groom if you can get a selection of the treats before all the guests have a chance to finish them off...thus the reason to make prior arrangements with the caterer. Dave and I picked a couple items for our reception buffet of finger foods and enjoyed a tiny portion at the beginning of our reception. We knew my mom was going to arrange for a basket, so we were looking forward to enjoying some of our favorites from the spread during our honeymoon, but were greatly disappointed to find that our basket had been packed at the end of the reception, when all the tastiest treats were already fully consumed. Don't get me wrong, the basket was great and the green-beans were yummy...we just would have enjoyed some more of that delicious hot pepper torta and teriyaki meat balls. Fortunately for Dave, my mom remembered to snag several deviled eggs before they were all enjoyed by the guests. Thanks, Mom!


  1. Your second paragraph is exactly what happened to my son and daughter-in-law. I'll know to do this for future weddings!

  2. It is hard to be able to eat at one's own wedding reception. My mom didn't do a basket per-say...but, she did box up all kinds of goodies for us, Chocolate bonbons, mini-cheese cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and much more. It was great!!! I was so excited on my wedding day that I didn't actually taste the little bit of food I did get to eat at the I was very blessed that my mother had the foresight to pack a bunch of goodies for us to take on the road. Made me feel like a queen getting to eat all of that good rich food over the next couple of days. But, once we moved some where were there was no fridge...I had to let everything else go. : ( So, I think this is a great IDEA and was blessed by it...I'd say just be sure the couple is not racing to the airport or something like that were they couldn't take the food with them anyhow.

  3. One thing my caterer did super well: when we finally reached our seats at the reception, there were plates made up with a wonderful selection of the food. Delightful!
    We were able to nibble in (relative) peace for about 10 min before the chaos started again, which was enough for us (we had an early evening wedding with heavy hors d'oeuvres, and un-assigned seating).

    My hubby had charged our best man to visit our new home and drop off a dozen roses, a card, champagne, and some munchies. It was perfect. (we flew out the next day, not directly after the wedding)

  4. This is a great idea, and I will keep it in mind.

    We had an afternoon wedding, and did not serve a full meal at the reception, but I know my sister-in-law sent a bag of snacks with us, which was very thoughtful.

  5. Marks of Faith: Great reminder of being aware of the couple's plans directly after the reception :-)

  6. what a great idea! we didn't have this problem as we had a small wedding at home and a light meal with the guests/family there before heading out for the reception where the party was with a whole mess of friends.

    found your blog thru carrie at watibg. good stuff!

  7. what a clever idea! I had not ever thought of this before.