Friday, March 12, 2010

The Hospitality Challenge

by Carrie

Ok, so this week we've talked about why it is that we are supposed to practice hospitality. (Because scripture says to.) We talked a little bit about insecurities that people face when they are presented with the opportunity to offer hospitality to others.

Reasons might include:

- Bad mommy day (i.e., too tired and exhausted to think straight!)
- Lack of cleanliness (personal or home -ha ha!)
- Lack of facilities (i.e., home size issues - be creative!)

As Jennifer pointed out, we all have a special and unique gifting which we were created to use. We can practice hospitality with our gifting. We just choose not to more often than not. Maybe it's because we don't know what our gifting is! Maybe we need to do a little prep work before we're ready to start offering hospitality. If so, then start thinking about what you can do to reorganize your life so that you'll be ready and more eager to be hospitable!

We don't know your specific life and personal situation. All that we do know is that you are capable of offering hospitality, just like we are, and we want us to all get to a point where it doesn't feel like a chore to bless others. Rather, it should be a natural inclination!

So with that in mind, every Friday will offer you some sort of challenge to get you headed in the right direction. We will not make any challenge we are not willing to participate in ourselves. In fact, if we aren't doing it - then we shouldn't be suggesting that you do it!

As a reminder, we aren't supposed to offer hospitality so that other people will think well of us. We're supposed to exercise our hospitality muscles to bless others and to glorify God, by using the gifts that He gave us! So it's not about us (clearly) and it's not about anyone's good opinion of you. Their opinion can be BAD and we're still required to seek ways to bless others.

Without further ado - our challenge to you this week is this two-fold:

1. PRAY for opportunity. Are you doing exercising your gift of hospitality already? Pray for more opportunity! Are you not doing it, but want to? Again, pray for opportunity!

2. One idea you might consider this week is to bake a batch of cookies and take it over to your neighbors. Or your co-workers. Or your local fire department. Or someone at church who you know has been going through a rough time and might need some chocolate to help tide them over! It's easy to find people in America who like cookies, folks. Somehow I doubt this particular idea will be much of a challenge! But it's a step and sometimes we just need to flex those muscles! (An ironic thing to say when you are talking about cookies, I know...)

Although we will be posting weekly challenges, this is not a "reporting station." Honestly - we don't what to know what you decided to do!!! There will be no giveaways in accomplishment for X amount of cookies baked. What you decide to do in this area is between you and God. It doesn't need to be reported back to us.

You have seven days until the next Hospitality Challenge. So go - HAVE FUN! I think that you'll find that hunting for people to bless is actually half of the excitement! (Licking the bowl when you are done baking is the other half.)

Do you have an idea or suggestion that could be included in a future Hospitality Challenge? E-mail us or leave a comment below! Give us some food (har, har) for thought!


  1. Yummmm...I know my husband will LOVE this idea!

  2. Yay, Carrie!

    I just added this blog to my reader and devoured the first six posts. Very exciting!

  3. Who waits until they're done with the cookies to snag a few bits of dough? I know I don't! I regularly have 4 or 5 extra spoons to wash because of all the bits I take! Hah :)

    Thanks for the suggestion Carrie :) Baking is one of my favorite things to do for people!

  4. So what have people done??? I'm dying to hear who has tried this (or some other new idea) and how things went!