Friday, April 23, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Party

Last week Jonathan took me to see Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (2010 film). (If you want to see my review of it, just follow the link.)

I guess in conjunction with this new film, Disney re-released their cartoon classic of the same title. Being that my husband (and, of course, my children!) had never seen this movie, I secretly snagged a copy and we had ourselves an "Alice in Wonderland party" wherein I could introduce my family to a movie that I loved growing up and we could have a fun time together while enjoying it!

I set the table while the kids were down for their nap so that they wouldn't see what I had planned for the evening. I picked up these "card plates" (see below) at Goodwill over a year ago. I think I paid $4 for 8 of them. Goodwill, btw, is one of my favorite places to snag things. I've decorated almost our entire house at Goodwill and I've picked up a lot of dinnerware there that is just a little bit unusual and is fun to look at. These plates were one of my early finds.

The cups were a Christmas gift from my mom and we've, sadly, not made very much use out of them. Being designed specifically for ice cream treats, I haven't WANTED to make a whole lot of use of them, if you know what I mean, but I thought pulling them out and serving our drinks in them would be a fun treat. I was right!

I pulled out everything red that I could find that had hearts on it to represent the Red Queen, of course!
My family LOVES pancakes and I seldom make them. It's a treat when I do, so guess what we had for dinner at our Alice in Wonderland party? I experimented with a new cinnamon banana pancake recipe too which was fabulous! Yum!

Did I already say that these pancakes were delicious? Ok, just checking....

A fun treat and addition to a meal with kids is sparkling water. We just welcomed a Trader Joe's to our town and I've been enjoying trying out their various treats. We picked up a bottle of their sparkling mineral water for $0.89. It added some flair to the meal.

But the best treat of all (food-wise I mean) was our splurge for Oreo ice cream cookies from Cold Stone Creamery. OH MY!

We had a GREAT time enjoying dinner and then watching the movie. It was a fun way to spend the evening as a family as we were doing things that were special and unusual for us. Decorating the table was a great touch and just made the evening feel like a party, which was, in fact, what we called it.

Family parties, I've decided ought to be the norm and not the exception. I have a feeling we'll be doing this again. Stay tuned!


  1. What a fun party!! LOVE the card plates! I also love breakfast foods for supper. We do that often at our house. And pancakes are a Sunday night tradition for us.

  2. I think I haven't enjoyed making pancakes as much because of the recipes I've BEEN using (with the exception of one recipe for pumpkin spice pancakes which we adore)! Plus, this time I tried using sparkling water instead of milk as my sister-in-law suggested and she was RIGHT - it makes them so much more fluffy!

    Of course, if we made them an established meal I might improve my pancake making skills as well. This would make Jonathan very, very happy. =)

  3. Very fun, Carrie! Love how you set the table. And I think it's neat that you had a party for *just* your family. Will have to think on that . . .

  4. How fun! I'm new to your blog (I follow homespunheart) and am enjoying learning more on hospitality. I've been trying to decide between a Alice in Wonderland party or Charlote's Web for my daughters birthday. You have given me some ideas if I do the Alice one, thanks!