Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Books About Hospitality

Because we're still a relatively new site, I want to let our readers know what to expect to see around here. Of course, I'm kinda of random and if someone e-mails me on the sidelines with a great idea for a guest post, I'm happy to rearrange the schedule a bit to share a good tip or two. This site is designed to be interactive and inspirational (as well as instructive) and so if you have something you'd like to see happen around here, or something to share, then please e-mail us at the following address:

offeringhospitality (at) gmail (dot) com

In the meantime, you can absolutely expect to see a running discussion of the book Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others. We'll be beginning discussing this book by chapter beginning on Monday, April 26th. In case you were wondering - there are eight chapters in this book (all of them entirely thought-provoking!) I'm almost done reading it myself and I've LOVED it! I'm looking forward to talking more about it over the course of the next eight weeks.

I'm also happy to let you know that we will be interviewing author Pat Ennis about this book and I'm excited to share that with you also.

I really believe that the books we read play an important part in shaping who we are and how we think. Books share and shape worldviews and I think it's important to keep reading all throughout life. (Hence I operate Reading to Know.) I always want to be seeking out and reading books that will help me improve my Christian walk. At the moment, I'm particularly honed in on books that talk about hospitality (surprise, surprise!) and I've purchased the following books for my home library.

I'd like to read and review them on this site and have a Hospitality Book Club of sorts around here. To that end, I'm presenting these books to you now in case you have a vote as to which we can read together, following Practicing Hospitality: The Joy of Serving Others. If you have a particular preference, or just want me to read it and inform you of a particular title, please state your vote in the comment section.

I really admire Susan Hunt so I'm eagerly anticipating getting to Women's Ministry in the Local Church. I think this book will have, er, a lot of food for thought (and discussion!) Actually, if there is one among you who would like to co-host this particular book discussion/read, please e-mail me! I'd like this one to be a joint effort on the part of myself and another if at all possible. Any takers? (And if not, that's ok, because I have my eye on one or two of you for this one! Bwuuhahaha!)

It's been many, many years since I've read Dietrich Bonhoeffer's Life Together, but I'm hankering it to read it again. I just read a biography about Bonhoeffer and now I'm curious to re-visit some of his writings.

I found Making Room: Recovering Hospitality As a Christian Tradition when I was browsing Amazon for books on hospitality and I snatched it up right quick! I know I keep saying this, but I'm looking forward to reading this one too!

Because my enthusiasm for all of the above books ranks pretty high - I'm happy to let you choose which one we'll read and discuss next.

Your vote?

Since we're always looking for great resources - if you have a book on hospitality that you would like to review for us here, please e-mail us on the side: offeringhospitality (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Wow! So glad to have found your's kind of ironic, I just did a post on my blog about using hospitality to encourage one another in the church. Keep up the good work!

  2. They all sound interesting...I'm up for any. I am very curious about the Women's Ministry in the Local Church book.

    Just ordered Practicing Hospitality. I tell should be getting some sort of commission for all the books you "get" me to order/read!

  3. Carrie,

    All of these look interesting, but my vote would be for any but the women's ministry one. We own Life Together, and I confess I've never read it!

    I'd love to read along with you, but my stack is appallingly high as is.

  4. Great choices, hard to choose. I vote for Life Together...if I could choose another though, i would go with Making Room. I would be fine with either of those two. :)

  5. I'm new to your blog, but I vote for Making Room, because I found it at my local library ☺