Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Children's Parties: Teddy Bear Parade

from Sky at The Journey to Sky

Being a military family and moving around a lot, I have learned that in order to make friends I have to first extend friendship! (Novel thought!)

Obviously hospitality figures a great deal in this.

We always celebrate St Patrick's Day, I feel a kinship with those Irish Christians eons ago, not only because I have a lot of Irish ancestors but also because I am a Christian.

I love sharing the legend of Patrick with my kids, and it's always fun to have a party!

In the past we stuck with small tea parties at home but this year we live in a great neighborhood with quite a few younger children and an excellent central park, so I thought a Teddy Bear Parade would be fun!

My mom took my brother and me to a Teddy Bear Parade a long, long time ago but other then that I just always thought it was a fun idea for little kids to feel involved in their decorations and feel proud strutting their 'loveys' around.

I added the additional fun of dressing 'medieval style' but only a couple people did, and even my own kids bailed on that idea. It was just too hot!

We passed out invitations, bought a bunch of green stuff, found some cookies on sale, made some tea and headed out to the park! Out of about 40 people invited, 20 showed up!

Sky blogs about her family and the military life at The Journey to Sky. Thanks, Sky, for sharing your fun idea!


  1. Very cute *parade*! I love that you take the *initiative* in extending friendship first...seems like a simple thought but I don't think many take the time to do so...great job! And thank you for your family's service and sacrifice for all of us.

  2. Fun idea. We don't usually let our kids bring their loveys out of the house (except on trips), so I'm sure they'd be thrilled to take them on a parade!