Friday, April 9, 2010

Hospitality Challenge, Week 4

from Carrie

This picture cracks me up! In a strangely amusing way, it describes my position when it comes to talking on the phone. I am a blend of archaic and modern. The phone exists to be a personal boon to me. I use it when I need it. And, let me tell you, I don't find the need to use it very frequently! It's a modern convenience that should be that - a convenience. Like, "The HOUSE IS ON FIRE" sort of convenience. The lifesaver sort.

But MUST we use it to communicate with one another? Sigh. E-mail me. I'll e-mail you back. Or we can talk in person. But please, oh please, don't call me on the phone!!!

That said, there are people (so I'm told) that love to be called on the phone. They like it when people ring them up to touch base. They don't feel as if their day as just been interrupted. They just feel blessed that you were thinking about them and wanted to call them up and say hello.

Although I personally do not find my ringing telephone to be a blessing, I have friends who DO. I try to remember this and make the effort to call them up, just to say "hello." But it's a great effort. A HUGE sacrifice. (See? If you've ever received a phone call from me you should fall over backwards and consider yourself beyond blessed.) haha!

At any rate, my personal challenge for the week will be to call someone who I know likes a phone call. Someone I don't normally call. Just because I can. Just because maybe I should.

Or maybe I'll text them. =D For me - that's also a great sacrifice even though I know it's a primary means of correspondence for some.

At any rate, let's say the hospitality challenge of the week is to contact someone using a method of communication that maybe isn't your usual style, but that you know means a great deal to the person you're connecting with!

Sound good? Go for it!


  1. This post was funny to me for some reason. I would say I'm a moderate phone user. We don't have a cell phone, so I'm not usually a fan of making (ahem, paying for!) lengthy long distance calls. All of our family and many close friends live far away, so the phone is often a good way to stay in touch.

    I'll have to think about what this challenge looks like for me . . .

  2. I'm similar to you, in that I generally prefer email to phone calls. It's funny: there are a few friends with whom I could talk on the phone all day, and others with whom I'd rather exchange email. I think it comes down to whether we're exchanging facts or just chatting. But there goes my tendency to over-analyze everything .... LOL

  3. I'm so not a phone person. : ) My BFF is though and is really good about calling to check in on me. I try and make a point to initiate the call at least once a week to check in with her, because I know she doesn't have the same phone aversion that I do. : )

  4. I use to love the phone and then I had kids. Now I feel like it's an interruption to our day. Email me, comment on my blog or Facebook me but please don't make me call you for no reason. :)