Wednesday, April 7, 2010

With Thanks!

from Carrie, on behalf of Offering Hospitality

Thank you to all of you who have stopped by and visited and have left a comment for us (and others) to consider! As we said from the beginning - this site will not be able to survive or exist without feedback and interaction and we really appreciate you taking a moment to comment and suggest!

Since starting this blog, we have been delighted by the news of a soon-coming arrival into our family (i.e., Jennifer is pregnant!) and so we might hear from her a little less. We have goals for this site but the first goal to realize is that we keep our OWN homes in order. If we are unable to do that - we shouldn't be keeping up this site! So I hope you'll choose to follow along with us in this journey as we continue to explore and offer new ideas for offering hospitality, as well as sharing resources and information, sporadic though we may occasionally be!

In the meantime, we have some fun stuff up our sleeves from some guest posters. Stay tuned and, again, thanks for following along and for providing input!

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