Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Children's Parties: Celebrating the Seasons

from guest poster, Monica @ The Homespun Heart

I don't know about you - but I love to celebrate even the changing of the seasons with my children. Sometimes these include opportunities for hospitality and sometimes they are just for my children. But, that is being hospitable to my own too isn't it?!

Here are a few ideas:

First Day of Spring: This is when we do our Easter baskets, egg hunt, dyeing eggs and all those things usually done on Easter. This helps us to reserve Easter for Jesus and His death and resurrection. Bunny biscuits, spring wreath, decorate, etc...

First Day of Summer: You're all about to think I'm a terrible mom because I (gasp) let my children eat ice cream for breakfast on the first day of summer! It's only one day a year and I bet they won't forget it! :) It was a fun day to introduce homemade bubbles and a trip to the neighbors pool as well!

May Day: This is a great way of taking hospitality to someone else! Save tin cans or juice cans and decorate them before planting inexpensive bedding plants (pansies are my favorite for this!) - then deliver all together with your little ones!

First Day of Fall: Have a Scavenger hunt to find lunch or make cookies to reach out to neighbors! Or how about this for the mommies?

Snow Party
: I used to live in Colorado and just love snow! Now that I live in the south, we don't see it very often and I thought why not bring some snow to my life and to my children by having a snow party!?

Homespun Harvest Party: This is one that I've done several times. I didn't do it this past year and my oldest has already requested we resume it next Fall! This is old-fashioned fun at its absolute best! Bob for apples, sack races, homemade donuts and taking home a pumpkin - this is a great way to celebrate Fall!

Caroling: how about singing Christmas Carols to your neighbors? Here are some fun ideas for this one!

Do you have a favorite way of celebrating seasons with your children and/or as an opportunity for hospitality? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I LOVE the idea of being hospitable with your children! It's funny when they see a nice dish in the fridge and know not to touch it cause someone is coming over. But when they see it and ask "who's coming over?" And I say no one, it's for us, they get so excited! They are THAT special toO!

  2. The first day of summer is also my son's birthday. Thank you for the reminder of how to make this day special, even though he will still be in school then.

  3. Thanks for sharing with us, Monica! You have such awesome and amazing ideas and there is a lot to glean from here! I sure do appreciate your willingness to spread your "party knowledge wealth" around these parts!

    I'm so looking forward to planning some summer parties for our family and I'm grateful for the suggestions!

  4. Inspiring as always, Monica! :-) I love getting the children involved in seasonal celebrations too....nature hikes during the different seasons...baking seasonal goodies accordingly and such. Your blog has been a wealth of inspiration in this regard ~ thank you!! For hosting others in our home, I do decorate a bit for the different seasons sometimes.

    And, while not "seasonal" but definitely "celebrational" (uh that a word?...sorry *carrie*!!) :-) post I really was intrigued by was your "Homespun 4th" celebration ideas a couple of years ago. If my memory serves me correctly, you were not able to carry that out for some reason. Are there any plans to do that this year or in the future?? I still remember you said..."Oh my stars" about how excited you were...too too cute!

    Great post!

  5. LOVE this post, Monica!! In fact, the seasonal celebrations are my favorite part about your blog!! One year, I let my children eat ice cream the first day of summer and they thought I had lost it!! :)