Thursday, May 20, 2010

Children's Parties: Egg Party

Before Spring is totally over with, let's squeeze in another Springtime party, shall we? This guest post comes from Stephanie at Olive Tree.

Carrie asked me to write a little bit about a party that I have hosted for my girls and their friends. I'm guessing I'm not that only mama that looks at the egg-coloring tradition of Easter/spring with fear and trepidation. : ) I'll be honest. It's not something that I particularly enjoy. However. I have a first-born that likes nothing better than getting her hands messing in paint and such so for a couple years I have plowed through this activity with my girls.

When my oldest was almost three, I decided that this activity could definitely be more fun if we had some more folks involved - friends for munchkins AND friends for mamas. : ) Thus, our Spring Fling party was born.

The two times that we have hosted this, I have wanted to do this activity outside, but spring weather never managed to cooperate on the day of the party. We have managed to make do inside with a couple tables (usually one for bigger kids and a smaller one for those that need to sit or stand on the floor).


My menu has always been very simple. For the kids, I usually offer the choice of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or ham and cheese sandwiches, fruit kabobs, and veggies and ranch dressing. All things that can be made or picked up fairly inexpensively - especially when you are selective about what fruits you put on the kabobs - a can of pineapple and a bunch of pretty grapes go a long way! For the moms, I make up a big bowl of caesar chicken pasta salad. One year I made this bunny cake (very easy!) but I have also done cupcakes which works just as well.

For the party, I provide all the egg coloring equipment - bowls, dye, etc. I ask the moms to bring a dozen eggs PER child and make sure they have on clothes that can get paint on them. : ) A few newspapers spread over the table and we are good to go.



You could expand on this party, if you wanted, to include a story for all the kids (maybe something like The Legend of the Easter Egg) before coloring.

This party has always been a lot of fun and definitely makes the activity of color eggs something I look forward to as it has become a time of fun and fellowship with other families.

If you are interested in hosting your own spring fling some year, you are welcome to download the invitation I designed here: download here. It can either be sent as a postcard or you can pop it in an envelope.


Thanks, Stephanie, for sharing. Stephanie blogs about her family and life over at Olive Tree. When you have a moment, wave a bloggy hello to her!

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