Friday, May 14, 2010

Family Party: A Family Ball

guest post from Stephanie at Stephanie's Mommy Brain

I asked Stephanie to share about one of her family parties because I really do feel like it's important that we learn to celebrate life with our families FIRST! Our families, those we love and care the most for, should receive the very best of us. Plus, they are great people to practice being creative and having fun with! There typically isn't anyone to impress -- but plenty of loved ones to DELIGHT with your enthusiasm for life. So without further ado, check out how Stephanie chose to celebrate and enjoy a little party with her family . . .


I've learned a lot of lessons during my 7 years as a mom.

I've learned to always keep a change of clothes for my kids in the van. I've learned the Magic Sponge really make crayon disappear. I've learned to never leave home without Cheerios in the diaper bag.

And I've learned that showing hospitality to my family is always a possibility but seldom planned.

It's always a possibility because my children are constantly asking me for permission to do
all kinds of things. Just today they wanted to color pictures at the kitchen table, read books together, me to come look over the fence at a cat, help me cut up strawberries, play with sidewalk chalk, and play baseball in the backyard.

Each one of those requests was an unplanned opportunity for me to demonstrate hospitality to my children. Some I said yes to. Some I said no to.

A couple of months ago my children presented me with an opportunity to host an unplanned Family Ball. They had been reading a Disney Princess book and were inspired. So after supper everyone changed into nice clothes (not play clothes), put on shoes (we're a barefoot kind of family) and met in the living room.

My husband turned on some music and we all danced together. Daddy and daughter danced. Mama and sons danced. Siblings danced. And Mama and Daddy danced. We had fast dances and slow dances and everything in between.

It took 30 minutes of my time, no money, and a lot of laughter to create a special family memory. Now that's my kind of hospitality!

Do you ever host a Family Dance for your children?

When not dancing with her children, Stephanie can be found sharing her adventures as a stay-at-home (schooling) mom of four at Stephanie's Mommy Brain.


  1. Great idea! We have book parties and pick-up parties (complete with music) where Mom and Dad do most of the work, but a family ball really sounds like fun! Thank you!

  2. Cute! We've had brief impromptu dances before, but I appreciate the reminder and inspiration to celebrate and create special moments with *just* our family.

    And regarding your post, Carrie, I confess that I am a devoted listmaker just like my sister!