Friday, May 7, 2010

Hospitality Challenge, Week 7-8

by Carrie B.

We've been working up to this but you had to know it was coming!

This week your challenge is as follows:

Invite someone over for dinner.

After you pick yourself up from the dead faint you went into (provided you pay attention to these challenges at any rate), be of good cheer! By now you should realize the following things:

1. You can serve slop;
2. Your house can be a total disaster;
3. Your kids can be low on sleep.

None of this will matter. The important thing is that you extended an invitation to someone and made them feel important. They don't care about the State of the Household so much as they appreciate the invitation and the blessings which you have extended to them.

Now, of course, you can make this meal as fancy as you like and the atmosphere more or less comfortable. Choose something that works best for having people over and keeping it as low key as possible. You can order pizza! You can host a potluck if it makes you feel better! You can eat outdoors or inside or whatever works for you. Clean the bathroom or just remember to check and make sure that the toilet was flushed when last used. (You scoff? I've done that.) But invite a friend or two in and enjoy their company.

Once you do it, it won't seem to scary.

And if you are regularly in the habit of having people over - don't fall out of it! Keep it up!

Most importantly: HAVE FUN! Because it is fun. Truly. Trust me!


  1. We invited a family over, but they had commitments both Fri/Sat. (and as far away...35 min in our church they live, weeknights just aren't a good option with early bedtimes.

    We didn't have a backup plan...therefore I don't think we're having company this weekend. Next!

  2. Thanks for this challenge, Carrie. Because we often host people, for us the challenge would be to invite someone new. I'll talk to Eric about it this weekend.

  3. Well, I had company over last weekend -- but I did clean the house really well beforehand. I'm not sure I could enjoy having people over if my house wasn't spotless. (It also seems a little like an insult not to make the effort, but that might be my neurotic personality speaking :)

  4. Carrie - Yes, perfect! That's really what these challenges are for - just finding ways to challenge us all personally and in unique ways.

    Caniad, knowing you - I have a huge grin on my face.

    Everyone else - not saying it's going to work out to have someone over THIS WEEK. But this challenge runs for two and perhaps all you can get out is an invitation. The dinner might come later down the road. But you could extend the invitation and start preparing.

    Whatever works for you! Thanks, guys, for commenting and saying that you are even THINKING about it. That is hugely encouraging to me at any rate.