Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Movin' Movin' Movin'...keep those boxes movin!"

Today I'd like to share a great blessing Dave and I recently recently received: the gift of a moving party! In March we purchased our first home and spent our spring break (we're both teachers) packing and preparing to move. On the Saturday before we were to return to school, a moving team from our church showed up at 9:00am to help us move from our two-bedroom apartment to our new home across town. Here's how it all happened...

Dave goes to Men's Breakfast each Friday morning at our church. A couple weeks before the move, the men at the breakfast told Dave, "Oh, you're moving? Talk to Clay!" As it turns out, we have a Moving Team Captain at our church! When someone in the fellowship is moving, Clay sends out an email with a date, time, and address and a team of guys shows up on the appointed day! Wow! These men were awesome!! They were at our doorstep at 9:00 am and didn't waste anytime getting started. We ended up with a team of 7 guys! Two men brought their mini vans, another brought his SUV, and all three vehicles -- plus our truck and small U-Haul trailer -- were filled up in no time. The team was on their way to our house with their fully-loaded vehicles by 10:00. While they were gone, a couple guys who stayed back got to work wrestling our too-big-for-the-apartment couch out the door and down to the sidewalk. (Did I mention it was a second-story apartment?) It was awe-inspiring to see how hard these men worked on our behalf! By noon, when I arrived at the house with pizza for everyone, the majority of our stuff was moved (save some miscellaneous brickabrack and clothes). Dave and I were able to start settling in that very afternoon because of our Moving Team's hard work and efficiency!

I would encourage everyone to keep their ears open for opportunities like this to serve. It was a HUGE blessing to us to have such a competent moving team to help us out. Wouldn't it be cool if your local church was known for it's moving team? I've heard of a church somewhere here on the west coast that is...apparently they own a couple moving vans and are available to help move anyone in the community in need of assistance. They even keep pieces of furniture on hand for those who need items for their homes. I don't know where the church is, but I'd love to find out! I think this kind of ministry is one of the most practical ways to care for our community, friends and strangers alike! (If you know about this church, please let me know!)

One last moving idea...this didn't happen for us, but it occurred to me in the week following our move how nice it would have been: when someone moves, have we ever considered putting them on our "meal chain?" At our church, when someone is in the hospital or is recovering from a major family event, their name gets put on a meal chain, kind of like a prayer chain. Women from the fellowship gather together meals for the family to help them out during their recovery. What if we did this for those who had just moved? I know Dave and I were in no mood to cook at the end of a long day of teaching, surrounded by boxes and mayhem. We were okay because it was just the two of us. I can't imagine being in the same position with little ones needing love, care, and attention in the midst of their big adjustment to a new home! What a blessing of hospitality it would be for a just-moved family to be taken care of for a week or so by their local church family!

I'd love to hear stories of others who have been blessed in a similar way. Please share your experiences and suggestions in the comments!

Happy Serving!
Crista :)


  1. This is such a great idea! We moved (locally) a couple years ago and were so grateful for all the help we received with packing, meals, childcare and actual moving. I think that would be a great church outreach--thanks for sharing!

  2. Our church is organized into care groups of 15-20 adults and we do life together. I'll be moving at the end of the month, and my care group members have already offered to help (before I asked!) and mentioned several people that we could borrow trucks from. I'm incredibly blessed!

  3. When my husband and I moved into our current house(across town) one friend stayed at the new house while everyone else traveled back and forth. She completely set up the bathroom, shower curtain, towels, toiletries etc. This was such a blessing, to be finished moving and have the bathroom in working order. I did a similar thing for another friend when they moved. Setting up their bedroom with sheets, pillows and bedding.

  4. A similar thing happened to us 7 years ago when we bought our house. About 20 people showed up, loaded us up, and unloaded us at the new house. They were done by lunch. What a blessing!