Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tastefully Simple

by Carrie B.

One of the original desires behind Offering Hospitality was not just to stretch ourselves and motivate others to practice hospitality, but to encourage and promote moms who operate businesses out of their homes. Occasionally, we'd like to highlight a few of those moms who we feel offer something special in the area of hospitality. Personally, I can think of few better to highlight than my friend Cacey.

Cacey was one of my "hospitality heroes" who taught me what it meant to offer hospitality to a.) strangers and b.) strangers who are staying in your home. You see, Cacey's husband and I went to law school together and she extended bounds of hospitality to me as a friend of her husband. She didn't know me directly but she was kind, friendly, and became my friend as well. Now our families enjoy getting together as we have traveled the same road of adoption with one another. (You can read their family's adoption journey HERE.) They welcomed home their new daughter about the same time we welcomed home our new son and recently came to visit us. It's always a delight to see them. Here is a picture of their family:

Cacey sells Tastefully Simple food products and I've tasted them in our home and have placed orders for particular products I like. (As a side note, one of the reasons she began selling Tastefully Simple foods was to raise money for their adoptions.)

I don't know about you, but when I have guests over I like to offer homemade goods. At first I wasn't sure why I would want to buy Tastefully Simple products. It seemed like I could make these things for myself - even if they didn't turn out exactly right. And therein is my argument as to why Tastefully Simple is a worthy product (not to mention a fun home business to run!)

My husband Jonathan and I are very much into hosting large party gatherings. We've had upwards of 60-80 people in our home for meals, events and fun times. We LOVE doing this!

I love doing it, but it's a pain to have to think about preparing all of the food myself! Timing warm dishes to come out perfectly and wanting to enjoy my guests and delight them with good tasting food is no small order! Enter: Tastefully Simple.

Their products come out PERFECT every. single. time. No joke! Every loaf of bread I've made, their flavored cheese balls, their marinating sauces, are perfection! When I'm hosting a lot of people, and I don't want to pay the expense of a caterer but I do want good tasting, easy-to-prepare and serve food (that tastes delicious!) I tend to go with Tastefully Simple. It's convenient. It's cheaper than a caterer. It tastes like catered food -- perfect! I don't have to put a lot of thought into it which keeps the stress levels much, much lower. When you are having 100 people into your home, anything you can do to lower the stress levels is appreciated, right?

But what about Tastefully Simple if you aren't in the habit of having 75 guests for dinner? What if it's just your family? Here are some products I've used for smaller events:

  • As part of our Easter dinner with some friends, I made the Sweet Strawberry Cheese Ball.
  • When my sister-in-law came over for a special dinner, I made their beer bread to go with our soup, because I know she loves the bread (as we all do!)
  • For a special family dinner, I used the Savory Wild Mushroom Slow Cooker Sauce. Dinner tasted like it came from a restaurant, but the meal was much cheaper and we even had left overs!
  • For a girl's movie night, I've enjoyed the Oh My Chai! beverage.
As I said - each time I make one of their products, it turns out perfectly. It's a fun treat and using their food takes the place of a dinner out, a catered meal or a run to Starbucks. It's just fun!

I'm happy to show off Tastefully Simple things because I'm happy eating Tastefully Simple things. I know Cacey's heart is safe and securely at home and she enjoys being able to minister to and fellowship with other women through this business. To learn more about what got Cacey started, CLICK HERE to read her story.

Visit to learn more about Cacey and her family and make a new friend while you are at it!

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  1. I like the point you made...
    "It's a fun treat and using their food takes the place of a dinner out, a catered meal or a run to Starbucks."
    It's part of your entertainment budget, not your everyday food. When you want a little something extra special it's a great option. :o)