Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Children's Parties: Time to Start Planning & link up!

by Carrie B

Spring is almost over! Hard to believe it, perhaps, but SUMMER is right around the corner!

So many of you sent in some great ideas for children's parties and we sure do appreciate the feedback. We're about to switch topics here (more on that soon) but we've got one more thing to celebrate with you all before we move away from children's parties - SUMMER!

The first day of summer is just about a week and a half away - Monday, June 21st.

We'd like to encourage you to find ways to celebrate the day, either with someone you love or find a stranger to invite in some festivity. Does your library have an activity or event you can participate on this day to usher the new season in? Or, perhaps you can just eat ice cream for breakfast and call it good! (Personally, I'm liking that idea.)

Whatever you do, we'd like you to share it with us!

What we're asking for is for you to start thinking of a way that you can celebrate the day! THEN! Blog about it and on Wednesday, June 23rd, we'll have a post set up for you to link your post up to. Share what you did and let's visit around, get to know one another, and learn from each other. Sound good? We really do hope you'll choose to participate with us in this way and have some fun yourself!

In the meantime, want some really cute ideas for seasonal foods to make?

Crystal at The Prices made these absolutely ADORABLE snail biscuits that you've really got to see! I think she wins for creativity, don't ya think?

Or, perhaps a rainbow cupcake is just the ticket?

Visit Crystal's Spring Celebration posts - #1 and #2 to see how her family celebrates the season.

Gleaning from each other is a fantastic way to improve our skills at hospitality. I hope you'll consider sharing your own ideas so that we can glean from YOU!

Think on it, prepare a blog post and come back here to link up on Wednesday, June 23rd! We're excited to celebrate the arrival of summer with you!

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