Friday, June 25, 2010

Sister Shoebox Swap!

by Carrie B.

Sisters Monica (Homespun Heart) and Carrie (with all that I've been given) - both of whom have offered a guest post here or there - host a Sister Shoebox Swap periodically and I've enjoyed being able to participate in it the past two times. Today is the link up day at Carrie's site to show what we received in our swap boxes from our partners for this last swap. I was matched with the blogless (tsk! tsk! ;) Stephanie this time around. I've had fun passing a few e-mails back and forth with her and getting to know her.

Not only are the swaps fun, (because you receive fun surprises in your mailbox!), but you get to meet other ladies from around the country. If you are interested in meeting others and practicing hospitality in each other's mailboxes, talk with Monica and Carrie. (However, I do suspect that they are positively swamped with participants so maybe this isn't a good nudge? ;) At any rate, I think that this is a fabulous idea and so here's a little shout out to Stephanie, who has been reading Offering Hospitality, and here is a picture of what she sent me:

Theme: "Little Trinkets"

I was so excited to see these two items in particular: a table runner (that matches our house perfectly) and goat's milk soap which was made by one of her friends.

As for what I sent her, well, I didn't take a picture of it! I'd probably call the theme: "Randomness." (That seems to be my way most of the time!) She said she likes thrift shops and reading (hey! I could identify with that!) so I found a few summer items I thought she might enjoy and sent them her way.

Stephanie, thank you so much for your gifts to me! I had been wanting a table runner for our table and I was so delighted to pull that out of your box! It helps keep the table looking cute and welcoming and I will enjoy using it. Thank you for taking the time to pick out special-to-me items. Your thoughtfulness shown through as I looked in the box! You were an awesome swap partner and I'm so glad to have met you!

Looking forward to the next swap! Thanks, Monica and Carrie, for hosting!


  1. Love that table runner! I have an antique quilted one I use, but am wanting to make me one as well.

  2. Glad you joined us for another swap, Carrie! Enjoy your goodies.

    (And yes, we do usually have strong interest. We keep it limited to around 50 for our own sakes of keeping track of the details!)

  3. What cute stuff! I just did this swap for the first time and I loved it! Can't wait for another one.

  4. Carrie,
    Yes, I am blogless..I love to read them all so much, I wouldn't have time to write on myself!
    I am so glad you liked everything!
    I loved mine as well...especially the little book light...and the candle !! I wish I would've thought to snap a picture of it all... My bookmark has made it through 4 books since I've gotten's so pretty! And, my little teacup sits on my windowsill in the kitchen for me to admire while I am washing dishes. I've had lots of little hands playing with my little teddy bear..and my sugar container is on my table :-) Thanks so much for swapping with me!!