Wednesday, June 23, 2010

*We Interrupt Our Regular Broadcast*

by Carrie

FYI - we'll be sticking to the 3 posts a week format that we've had around these parts for the past few months. We find that works well for our schedules and suits the content of this site. However, this week is a little heavy on posts because we have a few things to announce.

Today, of course, we've announced the next book that we'll be studying around these parts. But it's also a SPECIAL, SPECIAL day that I don't want to let pass without a mention.

#1 - It's Crista's Birthday!!! I, Carrie, invite you to leave her a note of blessing or celebration in the comment section for her to read today!

To Crista - I SO appreciate your friendship and the way you challenge me to 30 Day Biggest Loser-like workout challenges. ;) I love your sense of humor, your heart for God, and your loyal friendship. Thank you for sharing our life with us and for allowing us to share in yours! Love you!

#2 - Speaking of sharing in lives.....yesterday Crista and Dave (and a few others) shared in my family's joy yesterday as we celebrated "Adoption Day!" The adoption of our second born was finalized yesterday and we are praising God for that! I wrote about this extremely special day over at Reading to Know and you can read my post HERE if you'd like.

Life is full of amazing moments to celebrate. Anything that we can congratulate or celebrate with you about? If you have something that you are really excited about in your life, we'd love to know of it and celebrate it with you!


  1. Happy Birthday Crista!!!!

    Happy Adoption Day Carrie!!!!!

    It's just a week of celebrations! Love it!

  2. Happy Birthday Crista! May you have a very blessed day and a wonderfully blessed year!

    Congrats Carrie on finalizing the adoption! What a huge blessing! May God bless your growing family!

  3. BIG Celebrations for both of you! Happy birthday Crista, and God's blessings for your special family, Carrie.

  4. Crista, hope you have a wonderful birthday! Carrie, congratulations to you and your family!

  5. Happy Birthday Crista!
    Carrie, congratulations to you and your familly!
    I look forward to getting to know you through OH!

  6. Wow! Thanks for all the birthday wishes :) My husband spoiled me with a trip to a local "spa" for a facial. WOWZERS! It was fabulous, I tell you...absolutely fabulous! Thanks for all of your wishes for a happy was VERY happy indeed!