Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Your Home Hospitality Friendly?

by Stephanie

I saw the table on the other side of the furniture store showroom and decided it would be perfect in my new living room. Taller and wider than a standard coffee table, it would be great for working puzzles and holding appetizer trays during parties! So I handed over my money to the salesperson and grinned at the thought of my new table in my new living room.

Until it arrived home. Boy, was it big! At first I thought I could make it work. And it did work. That is until we began hosting fellowships and a weekly Bible study in our home. Then I quickly discovered it worked great for holding appetizers but it left a narrow space for my guests to walk around. This caused my guests on the far side of the living room to feel awkward when they needed to maneuver around the table and exit the room.

Awkward for guests is NEVER a good description when your goal is hospitality. Eventually I accepted the fact that the table is too big for my living room. Today it resides in my basement where it proudly holds up boxes of junk. I haven't given up hope of one day owning a house big enough to use the table comfortably but in the meantime I learned a valuable lesson:

When decorating my home I need to consider if the items I'm using will make my guests feel comfortable or awkward.

It was an expensive lesson but one I learned very well!

So, is your home hospitality friendly? Or do you have a piece of furniture, a pile of pillows, or possibly a lighting arrangement that makes you guests feel uncomfortable? What changes can you make to make your home more comfortable for guests?

Note: This was the best picture of the table I could find. We are decorating our Christmas tree in 2006.


  1. I know I've not bought pieces of furniture that - while I thought were pretty or would match our house wonderfully - would have taken up more space. We really like being able to push all furniture to the wall when we have large groups of people over and so it keeps me living a more simple style (a good thing!) in order to save space and accommodate more people.

    Great thoughts to share here! I had a roommate once who took particular pains to make sure our living room was accommodating for guests and I learned a lot from her! (And I poked a lot of fun when I'd come home from work three days in a row and find the living room rearranged three times!)

  2. Carrie, we have no space to "push all the furniture to the wall" in my house. Just under 1200 sq feet with 4 small kids and homeschooling means were pretty packed. Which makes it even more important for me to use my space wisely.