Monday, October 25, 2010

Quick note re: Women's Ministry in the Local Church Discussion

Note from Carrie

Just a brief FYI - we will continue on with our discussion of Chapter 7 in Women's Ministry in the Local Church next week. (Just a brief hiatus in our usual schedule! We will still wrap this book discussion up before Thanksgiving.)

Again, I would encourage you to consider this book and this discussion in terms of hospitality. How's that? Well, which gender usually works out hospitality within the church? Typically we see the females doing this and so we here at Offering Hospitality feel like it's worth some consideration to see how our hearts need to be set and focused as we pursue Biblical Hospitality. Yes, this book focuses on life in the church but if you are reading this site at all, the chances are you care about hospitality which is one thing that is desperately needed in the church today. Consider how you might practice it, not only in your own homes but how you might be of useful service in your church as well.

If you would like to catch up on past chapters, click on any of the following links.

Chapter 2 - The Need for Women's Ministry
Chapter 3 - The Motive Behind Ministry
Chapter 4 - Five Principles for an Organized Ministry
Chapter 5 - Submission
Chapter 6 - Compassion in Ministry

In the meantime, stay tuned today for a post by Crystal with some suggestions on how you might offer hospitality to strangers over this coming holiday season!

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