Friday, December 3, 2010

December Break - and Your Valuable Input!

from Carrie (and the whole staff)

The staff here at Offering Hospitality have taken a vote and unanimously agreed that we should take the month of December off from posting.

We decided to do this for a couple of reasons:

1. We just need a break!
2. The holiday season keep all of us (and all of you!) quite occupied as it is!
3. We'd like to take a month to plan our next steps around these parts so that we can come back with a fresh load of ideas and thoughts come January.

Basically - it has to do with vision. And sometimes you just need to breathe and pray and talk in order to pursue it properly. (Although perhaps not necessarily in that particular order!)

We already know of a few changes that will come into play after the first of the year but we're going to take a month to discuss and plan.

In the meantime, we would find it enormously helpful if you would consider taking some time to think about the following questions and leaving a comment (or dropping an e-mail!) as to your thoughts/advice/opinions.

Writing for Offering Hospitality is admittedly quite a bit of work. Any feedback you are willing to offer would be gratefully received.

Things we would like to know:

  1. What have you found most helpful?
  2. What have you found least helpful?
  3. What would you like to see more of?
  4. Is there one change you would particularly recommend for this site?

Thank you for your time, your readership, your comments and the way you obviously desire to live out a life in which you offer hospitality on a regular basis. We are thankful for you and wish you a very merry and very blessed Christmas season!


  1. I really don't have much to say...I think you all do a great job! Thank you!

  2. My favorite posts have been the challenges and ideas for offering hospitality.

    My least favorite posts are the recipe swap, because honestly I have a million recipes to try as it is.

    I've also enjoyed the book posts that are directly related to hospitality. To be honest, I didn't connect as much with the women in church series, but that's just my own opinion since you're asking for it!

    I would like to see more posts of the nature I mentioned in the first question. Thanks for all your work, ladies!

  3. I think anything that challenges us to think of hospitality outside of the way we usually define it...realize that it's not just about opening our homes, but opening our lives.

    Can't wait to see what the New Year brings for OH!

  4. I think you're doing a fantastic job with the blog - it's really encouraging to me. I think my favourite posts have been those with specific ideas for how we can practice hospitality. I enjoy the Recipe Swap, too, not because it's particularly applicable to the topic in hand, but just because it's fun.

    The book reviews have been less interesting to me, but that's probably because I haven't been able to get hold of copies of the book to read along. When I finally got hold of "A Life that says Welcome" I went back and read the review posts on it and they were much more helpful.

    Overall, I think the site is really good. Looking forward to more posts in January.

  5. I am pretty new to this blog, but have enjoyed it. I know that for me I am looking for ways to be offer hosipitality to those in my neighborhood or others close to me in ways that don't involve them coming to my home.

    I love hearing the connection to the Bible as much as possible.

    Thanks for asking and I am looking forward to following the blog this year.