Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Introduction to tomorrow's post

from Carrie

Being that we have frequent contributors as well as guest posters, from time to time I'm going to take a day just to prepare you and introduce the post that is up-and-coming.

Stephanie felt led to offer a New Year's Challenge which will post tomorrow. I think it's a marvelous challenge that will suitably and accurately set our hearts in the right direction - developing our relationship with Christ first and foremost so that we have the fuel we need to extend love and hospitality to others.

I'm really excited about her challenge because this one is truly a challenge for myself. What is it? Well stay tuned.

Let's prepare our hearts to seek after God and what He desires to work in us, through us and out of us in this coming year!


  1. Doesn't Carrie right a great teaser post? :) I really am excited about tomorrow's challenge and hope you will participate!