Monday, January 10, 2011

Introduction to tomorrow's post

Tomorrow you will see a post on Discipleship which you might not necessarily equate with the topic of hospitality.

However, as you prepare to read it I would ask you to consider the fact that we all learn how to be hospitable from someone. Very few people are born with the knack and the gift.

Most of us have to exercise our hospitality muscles and that means:

  • Finding resources that will help aid us in our efforts.
  • A faithful reading the Bible to find out what God requires of us. (Remembering Stephanie's challenge to take some time away and alone with God to see what He would have you be involved with!)
  • Putting into practice what we've learned.

In our post tomorrow, guest writer Amy H. talks about the need for older women to disciple the younger women both in hospitality and in other areas. I hope that you'll pay special attention to her post, and not dismiss it off hand. I think discipleship is a good topic to start the year off with because it is a good thing to be accountable to and to encourage one another. I found what she had to say very valuable and am excited to share her thoughts with you . . . tomorrow!

Stay tuned!

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