Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Ideas to Share?

We enjoyed sharing some of our ideas for things you could make and do to celebrate Valentine's Day with those you love.

I've seen so many V-Day posts pop-up around online, I thought it would be fun to share what you did with us! Did you write up a post talking about what you did to celebrate Valentine's Day? Tell us about it! Leave a link below and hop around and glean some more ideas from others. (Don't forget to leave comments letting the others know what ideas they had that you've been inspired by!)

Happy Valentine's Day...once again! ;)


  1. Just posted some photos of our day...Recovering from another Flu bug here :-(

  2. I didn't take pictures but I attempted to make the day special. I cooked Chicken Pot Pie from scratch (a favorite of my hubby). We drank strawberry milk and the kids had a gift and my hubby had a gift to open.

    My husband was far more creative than I was. He sent me a sweet email every 30 minutes ALL DAY LONG while he was at work. Quotes about Valentine's Day, poems that he made up, acrostics about me, and just saying he loves me. It didn't cost any money but was more valuable than overpriced jewelry!!

  3. I wrote a poem to all of my followers. I wrote another poem and attached it to small bags of chocolate and passed them out to my friends at church.

  4. My Valentines Day post:
    After school today we all snuggled on the couch with some Costco popcorn and watched Enchanted. It was fun! I love doing movie time with the kids.

    My hubby made sure I was supplied with Valentine gifts; a cozy wrap that can be warmed up in the microwave and some booties that do the same. I am really looking forward to having warm feet tonight!

    On my list for this night is Spirited Away and the last Magic Bar.

  5. I didn't record our whole day in my blog post, but I make my kids homemade Valentine cards every year. You can see them here.

  6. This was my first year of being intentional about celebrating V-day as a family:

    Wow, Stephanie, your husband's idea is so sweet!

  7. I have heart-shaped cupcake pans and usually make those on Valentine's Day. I also make a "nice" dinner, sometimes Valentine-themed, sometimes not. This year I had a recipe for mini meat loves that I shaped into heart shapes. One year I did a lasagna casserole with heart-shaped crescent rolls on top (here).

    One year I made construction paper hearts, cut them in half, and wrote clues on them and hid them around. I think the final prize was candy. The kids loved it and wanted me to do it again the next year, but it was too hard to come up with more clues!

    Another year I made a poster board and wrote out a Valentine message and put to candy bars in for certain words. for example, "You make me feel like $100,000 Grand!"

  8. These are great ideas, ladies!! I feel inspired for next year just reading them! :)

  9. I have been soaking up so many great ideas from what you all have shared. (Stephanie, yes, your husband indeed earned his brownie points!) Thank you all for sharing and linking up.