Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Budget Friendly Shower Decorating

from Crystal

When decorating for a shower or another party have you ever gone to a party supply store, spent a fortune buying everything they hand for your theme, decorated your place and then thought "this lacks personality"? I have and here are some tips to avoid that "out of the box" look!

Tip #1 Decorate With White

Most of us have lots of white, cream or glass dishes that can easily be accentuated with pops of color for a custom look.

Tip #2 Use What You Have

Do you or the mom have a collection of miss-matched teacups or the dad is a huge baseball fan? Think about what you have on hand before purchasing, but also consider that even though you love Winnie the Pooh (or whatever you like) and have a huge collection to decorate with the mom may not be into it. So, check with her about what they would like to see for decor.

If their expecting a girl, you could have a Tea Party themed shower.

Expecting a boy? Think red, white and blue and decorate with Daddy's sports gear.

Tip #3 Print Your Own Decor and Invites

There are a plethora of free printables for games and invites online and is a good reputable source for those.

Also you cold use a print shop or digital scrapbooking program and design your own.

When the colors and designs are all tied together, simple decor goes a long way.

I hope my tips help you ladies!

Any other ideas you would include here? Let us know in the comment section.


  1. These are great tips, especially the one about using white, cream, and glass dishes. As long as you pick a color and stick with it you can also get your co-hosts to provide them. Mis-matched size or pattern but same color dishes are cute and eclectic.

    I would suggest on printing invitations that you can also use the Costco Photo Center if you have Costco access and are handy with graphic design. They sell 50 photo cards with envelopes for only $15! Their pre-designed photo cards are all Christmas themed, but buried in the mix is a blank card that you can upload your own 6" x 7 1/2" design to. I don't know of any other place that does cards so cheap, and as a bonus you can include a cute picture of the parents to be!

    Wrapping paper is a great way to make inexpensive table runners that look personal and fit with a theme.

    If your church frequently hosts events like showers and you buy some decor items such as glass vases, consider donating them to the church and starting a collection of items that can be used for such events.

  2. I designed and made my own invitations to the two showers I hosted a year ago. I had them printed on cardstock and bought envelopes at Kinkos (they have envelopes in all sorts of colors for a good price). Saved a lot of time and money that way, plus they looked more inviting!

  3. One of the best decisions my husband and I made regarding our own wedding registry was to ask for white dishes! I wanted dishes that would match with any season or celebration and that I could just add accents to. I am STILL so very thankful we stayed away from designs and patterns on our dishes because I can make a table look just about any way that I want it to!

    Therefore I particularly agree that using white table settings can take you a great deal further in decorating on a budget!

  4. Katie~ I love the suggestion of donating left over items to the church. I do some of the decorating for showers and such at my church and we have had lots of really great items donated or made available for our use. It really helps us makeover the room and stay on a nice budget.
    Carrie~ I made the mistake of asking for a patterned set of dishes, that didn't really match anything else. When we were able to we bought a set of plain white cafe style dishes and I use them for everything! The Family/Friends (& Food) is the focus, not the dishes. ;-D

  5. We have white dishes, too. I'm very practical!

    I always think it looks cute when I see clotheslines at showers--you can hang baby photos of the attendees, cards, or clothes that are being given to the new mom.

    Diaper cakes make both a fun decoration and a useful gift!

  6. The last shower we hosted at our church occurred in February. It being difficult to find fresh flowers to "borrow" from our collective backyards that time of year, I decided to ask each hostess to bring any crystal candleholders they had on hand. We purchased white tapers and what resulted was an elegant (not to mention eclectic) and very simple decor! We also used crystal serving platters. It was quite striking, if I do say so myself! :)