Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Party Hospitality Challenge - SHARE YOUR LINKS!

Earlier in the month we challenged you to throw a Family Party in order to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Did you manage to pull it off? We can't wait to find out who participated and how! We love gleaning ideas from our readers and hope that you found some inspiration and enjoyed a fun time of celebrating the arrival of SPRING with your family!

Here is my own post on Spring Picture Books and Parties in which I shared what our family did to ring in this beautiful season of life!

Link up your posts in the comment section below and if you do not have a blog but just want to share your ideas and thoughts on how you decided to celebrate the occasion, feel free to do so!



    The 3 links below the Purim posts are all the party :)

  2. Just for future sake - when we're scrolling back through links - here are the three links to Angel's Butterfly Party (which is super cute and adorable!)

    Butterfly Party:

    Butterfly Party food:

    Butterfly Party Decorations:

    Thanks, Angel, for sharing!

  3. Didn't get any good photo's but I blogged about our day anyways.
    Have a blessed Spring everyone!

  4. Our family made a dirt cake together. Similar to yours Carrie, but mine was in a triffle bowl with artificial flowers "growing" out of it and "worms" crawling around. On the front we included a sign wishing a Happy First Day of Spring and a Bible verse reminding us that God makes us new. We took it to church and shared it with our kn and 1st grade class. It was great to enjoy it together, thanking God for all the signs of spring we see, the newness of the season, and knowing that HE is the one who changes the seasons! Loving the links and ideas!!!

  5. We made rainbow pudding.

  6. Everyone has such great ideas!! Unfortunately, I've got to much going on this week to think about another thing so we're not celebrating the 1st day of Spring. We've talked about it being Spring and my kids are very confused because it snowed here on Monday and is forecasted for snow on Wed. & Thursday. :)

  7. We had a butterfly birthday party for Natalie on Friday, and I won't have pictures up until the end of this week.

    I am, however, going to link to my SIL's cute spring celebration:

    Yay--spring has finally sprung!!