Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Meal With Jesus, by Tim Chester (Book Review)

from Carrie

Hospitality involves welcoming, creating space, listening, paying attention, and providing. Meals slow things down. Some of us don't like that. We like to get things done. But meals force you to be people oriented instead of task oriented. Sharing a meal is not the only way to build relationships, but it is number one on the list. (Chapter 2, Meals as Enacted Community, page 47)

Crossway Books kindly offered me the opportunity to read a copy of A Meal With Jesus (linked to my review), which is subtitled Discovering Grace, Community and Mission around The Table. It's a very thought-provoking read and one worth considering when thinking through the how and why of offering hospitality.

I invite you to read my full review of this title over at Reading to Know today, as well as join in on the discussion! See you over there...

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  1. I am loving this book. I ordered it before it came out & devoured it when I was on vacation. however, once I came back to real life with my girls, it got put aside to finish up.